Antigua, 365 beaches. One for each day of the year!

Jean visited Antigua and filmed the island tour.

Antigua is a destination travellers love to stop at, but it is a beach stop. Snorkel, dive, float and boat or trip to the partner island Barbuda. They call Antigua a beach with land in the middle and claim they have a beach for every day of the week. A trip will show you the island within hours and you may just leave the bus and stay somewhere.  Shirley heights, looking down at the harbour and a Zip wire in the rain forest with a huge waiting queue which your driver probably won’t want to stop at but might leave you there. That is it, apart from a Cricket Stadium and a derelict Sugar Refinery. So, off to the beach ……. the tour is here in film.

To be fair you go to Antigua to beach and sea, not to tour. It is an island with little wind, calm seas and a coast line of bays which is why it made it the perfect place for Admiral Horatio Nelson to hide the British navy back in 1798. It has had a strong British feel ever since and it is why ships love going there. The port town has changed little in years and it is small. Many taxi drivers will offer you rides to beaches and there will be organised excursions to somewhere, so this is a time to relax. You might like to spend the day at a boutique hotel and be spoilt, like Sugar Ridge. If you do, then please do some research then let us know the outcome. It would be nice if you could list below the beaches you went to and how you got there in the comments below. Where next, St Lucia? We have three main sections in our new destinations menu that service the Caribbean routes. Please share.

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Antigua does feature in Book 3 of Solo Cruise, the Caribbean story. American Adventure. It is a good story and will explain a good cruise.