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Antigua Jolly Harbour Beach – top marks, $2 on the public bus !

Antigua Jolly Harbour Beach – top marks, $2 on the public bus !

Download Local Tourist Map here    EC$ Eastern Caribbean Dollars (The will take US $)

Antigua is a jewel in the Caribbean, but St John’s Port is not a port that keeps you busy for long. Here is how to get the bus to a great beach.

We also have an island tour film on our other blog which shows the historic harbour, take a look. The more popular option in Antigua is to enjoy one of the 365 beaches or take a sea adventures. Antigua does have a beach for every day of the year and they are beaches to make other islands jealous. In this blog and film we take you to the West Bus Station, we introduce you to the bus coordinator Martin who will ensure you are on the right bus for your chosen beach. Antigua has a very reliable and good bus service. We take the number 20 to Jolly Harbour Beach. Many cruisers will be there, those who went by taxi will have spent far more to get there and may well have been convinced they should be picked up at 2pm. However, it is likely your ship won’t sail to 5.30 so there is little need to leave that early, 3.30 should be more than enough time. If you are on a bus you can leave anytime because Jolly Harbour is the end of the bus route and the bus starts at your beach; it won’t be full.

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There are two local bars on the beach as soon as you step on, maybe more if you walk the length. There are also resorts but these two local bars have more than enough fun. Sandra’s is on the beach but does not have wi-fi, whereas the Castaways has two top class Indian Chefs, I mean seriously top class, Sports TV and fast wi-fi and the prices are the same and the cocktails are good. Take a look at the film, we show the bus garage, bus, beach, food….

We asked on our chat sites which are people’s favourite beaches and they suggested.

Valley Church (but not a swimming beach because of currents), Dickenson, Rhum Runner, Jolly Beach and Turners Beach. Our film on Antigua Jolly Harbour Beach

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