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Anse Beach, Grenada. Yet another perfect beach in the Caribbean

Anse Beach, Grenada. Yet another perfect beach in the Caribbean

JOIN THE CHAT GROUP – Cruise the Caribbean Chat – If you love the Caribbean then share here. Chat and answer other people’s questions. Here is where you are the knowledge base – CLICK HERE TO SHARE & CHATAnse Beach is Grenada’s most famous, and it has the added comfort that you can see the ship is still parked in it’s dock. It is also the most popular beach in Granada as the taxi drivers can get there and back fast, so fast, as we show, it is as easy by local bus. The saving pays for lunch. The long beach has a fabulous curve of soft, white sand, which gives it the perfect bay feeling. Natural sea grapes, almond trees and palms offer shade if you get there early enough to snag one. Turn right and the beach infant of the bars might be crowded, turn left and it becomes your own. St George’s has a traffic jammed one way system, so a walk through the tunnel to the harbour is the best way to pick up the bus. See our other film on St. Georges.

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