Almería Information, time to be a cowboy!

We have filmed in the mountains near Almería and been based there, but not filmed it as a guide. It is a city in Andalusia, in the southeast of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea up from Malaga. It is the capital of the province of Andalusia. Almeria comes from the name Al-Mari’yah and dates back to the time of the Malaga’s fortification and citadel Alcazaba founded by Abd-ar-Rahman III. Famous for the textile and silk trade it was taken by the Christians in 1489 then devastated by an earthquake in 1522. It did not really come back to prominence and get rebuilt until the 19th Century. It’s economy is now driven by supplying much of Europe with vegetables. We went there to use the mountains and shoot a TV commercial for Yorkie Chocolate which must have been about 1985.  About 35 minutes away in the Tabernas Desert is the Cowboy Town or Western Theme Park, known as a mini Hollywood. But there are other tours that the ship will offer or you can research here. This is where young stunt performers train before getting onto teams to do shows like Game Of Thrones.

Almería is a great place to walk around and explore, until we film it, here is a view that helps show it.

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