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Adriatic Cruise Route – the Venice back to Southampton Cruise

Adriatic Cruise Route – the Venice back to Southampton Cruise

We found ourselves asking, on this special route, did Dubrovnik make Game of Thrones, or has Game of Thrones made Dubrovnik. We flew to Venice and picked up the ship, sadly our cases did not arrive on the same plane as we did so missed the ship. We knew where they were at all times because of our tracker, but the next stop after Venice was Zadar and the shipping agents don’t fly Venice to Zadar so our bags arrived in Dubrovnik.CHAT GROUP – Cruise the Adriatic Chat – New Group, be one of the first to join and start a thread on your forthcoming or past cruise by number – CLICK HERE TO SHARE & CHATVenice was a 2130 hours sail away, the guests were excited for those who had been on the cruise out to Venice arrived in Venice in mist and fog. Now it was crystal clear evening skies, with the light nicely reflecting on the water as you will see from the full film of the leave. Zadar was a treat, the town is beautiful, easy and friendly and they have the amazing sea organ. Note the market closes in the afternoon as do some of the churches and other sites so it is best to nail the places to see in the morning then explore in the afternoon. The sea organ is the ‘not to be missed’ here because you won’t find it anywhere else. See the film below.Marella Cruises to the Western Mediterranean – click here for Marella Cruise’s own web site page for – Western Mediterranean Cruise deals pageThat night Jean watched the film on board, My Cousin Rachel, which was part set in Florence and reminded us of our La Spezia trip earlier this year on the Strictly Come Dancing Cruise. That has all come round way way too fast. If you have never done a Strictly cruise we highly recommend it. Highly. We have long wanted to add books set in or at the cruise stops you are visiting and this is slowly being added to our cruise destination information and film blogs but that all takes time. The films on board section is under entertainers, where you find the acts, singers and comedians. This whole media and entertainment section is growing and will grow.


Dubrovnik was the next stop, and although we have been there before it has changed. We have seen Game of Thrones and it can never be the same. It is now Kings Landing, and the sites are all there to see including the steps for Cerise’s Walk of Atonement. As film makers we had to make a special film, and we have also broken down the places to see, but you will find it enjoyable with a local guide. Watch our film first because as film makers we have added some things the fans don’t. Walking the walls is special if you can, but it is a mile and a half and lots of steps and low walls. The town is easy, but much busier now. They have really accepted the whole Game of Thrones presence and tours, tee shirts and locations are all key. On our GOT blog we reveal where the Iron Chair is, normally only a local guide tells you that secret.

Some entertainers are special, and Maurice Grumbleweed, who we had never met or seen before was an unexpected treat. A very accomplished entertainer who we could watch over and over again. So, not to be missed if you get the chance. If you play table tennis, do challenge him. There is a Maurice Grumbleweed page. Please explore our new entertainment section and share and add and send suggestions. There was also an outstanding classical guitarist on board, Tom McLauchlan take a moment to listen to his Cavatina. Also our very own Jean Heard performed her one woman show, Royal Mistresses.

Find out more about the entertainers working at sea ON BOARD ENTERTAINMENT  join their Facebook Pages and & please share with your friends.

The Messina Straits is the sail through on the way to Sardinia. Although we prefer Sardinian beaches and villages, we did walk and film the old town and the Roman amphi theatre for fellow travellers explaining where things are and a a few tips. Sardinia is a good walk round a working port town. The high light is the amphi theatre and the views from the high vantage points. 

Gibraltar on the way home is always a popular dash to the duty free or Morrissons. We show you the free glass blowing demonstration which you might not find or see unless it is pointed out to you.

In conclusion, though we love cruise routes, this is one we would do over and over again. We love Croatia and hope to cover it again next year. Here are the buttons to the longer films of the individual cruise stops made on this cruise.

Venice evening sail away Zadar Guide  Walking the Walls of Dubrovnik   Dubrovnik Old Town  Game Of Thrones Special   Messina Straits sail by   Cagliari Guide   Gibraltar Glass demonstration Maurice Grumbleweed

The acts you saw included

Maurice Grumbleweed  Tom McLauchlan  Jean Heard

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