This is our small and Adult ships page. For the main Doris Visits Cruise Ships page, click here. It lists every cruise ship afloat from every major cruise operator. There are quite a few.

Doris Visits – all the main cruise ships are – click here

Here we have developed an area for those who love small ships or adults only cruising. It is broken into four sections.

  1. Ships with under 600 guests
  2. Ships with under 1000 guests
  3. Ships with under 1500 guests
  4. Adult only cruising

We have also started our own Doris Visits Chat sites for the smaller cruise ships, where we have strict rules and no moaning, so you should not get flooded with material. If you do, report it. Let your friends know about this new area. We will be expanding it.

VIKING OCEAN CRUISES chat group  Fred Olsen chat site  Saga Boutique Adult Ship CHAT  CRUISE & MARITIME chat site

SAGA do sell the Adult Only cruises for most of the many cruise lines when those line operate a few adult only cruises on some great ships. The SAGA site is worth looking at. Here is the right link to save you fighting with a big site. SAGA CRUISE PARTNERS