This section about working at sea has been asked for over and over again. It is now inspired by one our our cherished moderators on our chat sites, someone who worked on a ship, in the spa, and has spent years at sea. Gemma Bethel now travels as a guest and has four children. We hope you will be hearing a lot more from her here on Doris Visits. If you are after a free holiday then that might not be the best reason to be thinking of working at sea. There are many jobs, many areas of work, none of them easy, the rules are strict and the expectations are high. The last thing any ship likes is guests complaining, and they can, But here are some tips. Zeebruges is a gateway port to Bruges, in other words you cannot get into Bruges unless you land at Zeebruges. To work on a ship the gateways are normally agents who sift the talent and send you where you will fit best, not necessarily where you want to go. And on a ship, the rooms are allocated to a job, so if you work as a dance instructor, there is the dance instructors cabin. You leave the next dance instructor goes in that cabin. You do not get to choose your cabin. Most jobs obviously are attached to crew cabins and are below the guest cabin levels.

General jobs on ships, from Cabin Steward to Kitchen Staff, from Engine Room to Child Care, from Guest Servces to IT, are all handled by agents and there are many. We are not connected to any, but an internet search will help you. 

One such agent is all cruise jobs – click here


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