Doris Visits is a passenger lead cruise resource for British cruises and those who like to use British based ships. That is only because the worldwide industry is too large for us to deal with.

However, our on-line video guides or ships and destinations are on YouTube and DailyMotion. We host a number of groups on Facebook used as ship chat sites for your favourite ship or cruise operator.

If you wish to add anything, join us in any way, then please contact us. If you have tips to share please join the chat. They are listed under the entertainers section on this site.

To contact us email

We are natively London based, and a part of a larger film group who fund us. The Doris Visits team are on board a ship at some point in each month of the year. Often with no internet. Doris is a generic name, there is no one Doris. Our main presenter is actress Jean Heard and the Executive Producer is Stuart St Paul. Regular cruisers may have seen them talking on board ships. Jean has a one woman show, in costume on Royal Mistresses, Stuart talks of his 50 years working for Hollywood Studios and TV Broadcasters.

Why not join our growing band of presenters, contact us.

Both are regular key note and after dinner speakers,

Jean Heard can be booked via Jennie Storr at the Speaker’s Agency.

Stuart St Paul can be booked via Isabelle Lee at The Champions Agency.



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