05. British Isles, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Isle of Man

The British Isles

We have so much to discover back at home, and it is a route visited by many tourist visitors. The ports and lochs are extensive and you will need pounds and Euros!

It is one of our priorities to expand this menu, and you will see how huge it is. If you have a great British Isles cruise film, or find a great film on one of these destinations, please let us know at Press@DorisVisits.co.uk

Princess Cruises in the British Isles – the Pacific Princess is the twin sister to the much loved but now lost, Adonia

British Isles: Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Shetland and England's ports and guides

Birmingham is a port to leave from when on a fly drive, and it is so easy, we had to include it. It is our favourite London airport… easiest to get to, cheapest to fly from. See our film…

Bristol is a city with a huge tradition in shipping, from cigarettes to slaves. The wealth can be seen in some of its classic buildings. The C&M Magellan and Marco Polo both use this port as well as other ships.   Bristol Cruise Terminal

Maybe one of England’s closest ports to Europe, the White Cliffs became famous for home coming pilots in WW2. The busy port is used by small to medium size ships ships especially Carnival’s German ships like the AidaSol, AidaVita and AidaAura, and the Viking ships kill the Jupiter.  Port of Dover

Falmouth is a port in Cornwall near many wonderful villages and blue badge beaches.   Many ships stop here including the ms Europa, Star Breeze, Seabourn Ovation, Viking Jupiter & Sea and Silver Spirit. Falmouth Cruise Port

Harwich is on the east coast, Felixstowe across the river mouth is the container port, Harwich is the Harwich International Port Despite its International name, it is not as busy as the container port. Costa like this port, many ships stopping here inc the Costa Favolosa, Magica and Mediterranean.


The birth of music, the birth of The Beatles, Liverpool is a legendary city with a legendary historic shipping port. It is where the Titanic left from, it is where many cruise ships now stop and there is so much to do and see. The city is building a new Cruise Terminal as you will see from our posts and films. A major UK cruise port. It is a favourite with many ships from Disney to Queen Victoria to Cruise & Maritime, and there will be more when the capacity increases. There is a Titanic memorial between the port and the Royal Liver Building.  Liverpool cruise terminal


Port of Greenwich (MAP) much used in films including the recent Vanity Fair. It is a complex of major historic naval buildings not far from the centre of London. A sky ride can take you across the river to the 02 where you can get a tube into London.

Tilbury is best known as a container dock, way down the Thames out of London. Ideal for a port to leave and return from if you live to the East of England, but not a great port from which to visit London. There are trains and transfers. See films.  Port of Tilbury

This is cruising into the heart of the London, right near HMS Belfast.  Tower Bridge MAP

Portland Cruise Port MAP Is separated from the mainland by a long thin causeway known as Chesil Beach one of the three structures in the UK made of shingle. Weymouth is nearby where ferris come in from Jersey.

The UK’s busiest Cruise port and the home of both Cunard and P&O. Princess ships also use this port for some ships. All along the banks of Southampton there are cruise terminals.  QE2 Cruise Terminal    Ocean Cruise Terminal    City Cruise Terminal    Mayflower Cruise Terminal

Ullapool is a fishing village carved out of glacier movement in the Ice Age

Belfast harbour (MAP) Belfast is now a major film industry location, just as businesses find it good to base there. Game of Thrones is based in Belfast, but it is also famous for distilleries and the Giants Causeway

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