This is a far side of the world few UK cruisers venture to, the insurance alone might frighten many off. However, it is a paradise repeated over and over again. We have spent quite some time there, but most before we were building Doris Visits. We will be back in 2019 so the site will fill with more films and information on our return. It is huge with many sea days, but, if it makes it easier almost all of these islands were first discovered by men in dug out canoes chasing smoke that had to come from (volcanic) land.


The Panama canal can feature in many an Atlantic Ocean Cruise. Once through, the Ocean is so huge, you can go many ways. We have been right to California, straight on to Tahiti, never been to Galapagos but we have films from Mogens who has. We have spent much time down in Fiji, and in 2019 will be heading to Sydney. As always on Doris Visits, the section will only expand.

The land of the Gold Rush, the reason the Panama canal was built, and the centre of western movie making. Three cruise ports, one new one extended for the new large ships – see film.  World Cruise Center terminal 91-92    World Cruise Center terminal 93    Long Beach cruise terminal

Very specialist cruising. Nature at its best. Mobility is a serious consideration as many tours are by rib to stoney shores. Very near the Equator in the Pacific Ocean are several hundred small islands, there are a dozen or so larger ones. There cruises tend to circle a few islands.

Honolulu is on the island of Oahu, in the Hawaiian Islands. It is very American, from super expensive ships and trendy restaurants to noodle cafes. A bus ride away there is the monument that is Pearl Harbor, the north shore that is surf and hippies, and the Polynesian Cultural Centre, ideal for kids. There is a public bus stop by the pier, see our many films. Don’t take any form of bag to Pearl Harbor, they will not let it in.  Pier 10/11    Pier 2

Papeete, is another island of Tahiti, the French Polynesian collection of beautiful islands, but the port and port town are limited in what they offer. You need to get away and out, for a day at a hotel or on a tour.  Port of Papeete

Bora Bora is a small sailed with a circular bus tour and a few stops to show locals and there fruits and foods. The rest you will have seen everywhere else, but sample the fruits and food.  There is a cocktail bar most will taxi too, a beach near that, but the port has little to offer other than pearls. See our film of the bus tour. The Tender gets busy at lunch time and when it rains. Tender Pier at Bora Bora

The setting of the film South Pacific. Doris Visits will be filming here in 2019. This is no longer called Western Samoa, it is, Samoa.  Apia Location

We spent months there, through a cyclone, filming the movie Bula Quo for Universal, so we have a few features here. We will be going back in 2019 and telling the tale onboard the Arcadia. Lautoka is a market town on the port, and a bus ride to some resorts. Nadi to the new tourist area seen in Bula Quo might be a trip too far, the capital certainly is.  Port of Lautoka

Port Vila is a tender port. Made of about 80 islands you will find boat trips galore, wonderful lagoons and friendly people. The clearest lagoons, the ,oct beautify waterfalls or a trip to Ekasup village, a Kanak settlement Wharf Road Pier

Beautiful Paradise Beaches and cosmopolitan cafes. Noumea is the capital city of the French territory of New Caledonia, on Grand Terre, east of Australia. Bird watching, nature reserves a walk into Coconut Square or just a tour on the road train – you will love this island.  Noumea Cruise Terminal   and a little more inconvenient, but still an easy walk  Quai de Commerce

The place to be on New Years Eve. Sydney offers a modern city and old merchants houses, an opera house and bridge not to be missed and very positive people. It uses two cruise terminals.   Overseas Passenger Terminal    White Bay Cruise Terminal

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