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Cruising the route of those who went to America, the slave trade history and the entrance to the USA. Modern history and lobster sandwich!
The nearer parts of the Mediterranean in one menu
The more distant Med ports, ones you may fly cruise to using Malta or Venice
Click the picture to search of the Northern Lights, or just be wowed as your ship is dwarfed sailing between huge snow topped mountains
The wonderful indenture of medieval and hanseatic cities and sea ports, with modern additions like the Abba Museum and surplices like Tallinn. Click and explore, it is like being there.
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British Channel, to Guernsey, west coast France, Spain, Portugal to Gibraltar film guides to help you plan
North Sea cruise ports near to the UK and en route to Baltic. Often taster cruise destinations.
Cruise Destination Guides for the Arabian Adventures

These are cruise stops around the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands. This includes ports you leave from like Birmingham! And also includes places within the UK attached to their closest UK port. Click on port location below to reveal the tips and films. You can even use a button above the posts to refine your search. Click Jean to see just Jean’s blogs, click Tours just to see the filmed tours at a destination. If you have a great film or a tour or a destination, tell us, we will include it. Become one of our presenters. This site is always expanding and evolving to make it easier and more resourceful to use. Your comments are always welcome.

ENGLAND – Southampton, London Tilbury, London Tower Bridge, London Greenwich, Felixstowe, Newcastle, Liverpool, Birmingham and more – the Isle of Wight is a Southampton excursion! From Bristol we include Bath. We look forward to you helping us fill this section.

Scotland – a huge land mass of wonderful locations, from Edinburgh, Dundeen and Aberdeen up to the Orkneys and Shetland and including the Isle of Skye, Glasgow and so much more it makes you want to cruise the British Isles. Two young boys inspired us to shoot Edinburgh and helped us, we look forward to you helping us cover Scotland.

Ireland – we group as one land mass, the way it was placed on the planet. This wonderful place is so diverse, from the fantastic Galway which we first visited when filming an episode of Dennis Waterman’s Stay Lucky, to Dublin where we shot the Mrs Brown’s Boys’ movie. Up to Belfast, round to Cork. We are looking forward to you helping us fill this great section with your films

The Channel Islands, full of so much history, where some of our team spent years filming Bergerac and found the funding for our Status Quo movie, Bula Quo, listed where it was shot, under Fiji in the Pacific Ocean.

We show you the cruise destinations, routes and tours in short concise informative films. See a great film we should feature? Let us know.

CORFU – Vido Island cheapest boat trip around

Stand in Corfu, look our to sea and that Island you can see is Vido Island. It is a municipality of Greece in the...

Essential packing for a cruise

Another cruise ship comedian, Taffy Spencer, has been bemoaning lost his luggage .... well, as they say in the song, 'the days of Taffy Spencer'...

TALLINN – walk the old town, and views from St Olafs

There are likely to be six or so ships at the popular port in Tallinn, it is a fantastic busy port! Tallinn is a...