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Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, from Amber Cove

Dom Rep as the tee shirts say has had a history of fighting between invaders and those left to live there. It is another...

Ponta Delgada is in the Azores mid Atlantic. It has a...

Atlantic crossings can stop in the Azores - Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel is not in the Caribbean, but in the Azores mid-Atlantic. Because of its...

2018 Food Heroes and the The Britannia Cookery Club

The Britannia has a huge multi station kitchen for teaching. It us where top chefs perform master classes in 2018. New large ships have more...

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Wherever you are cruising, Doris Visits may have been there, can walk you round the town, show you the layout, buses or metro, have some tips and show you the tours. We have the best films of your cruise ports.

These are cruise stops around the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands. This includes ports you leave from like Birmingham! And also includes places within the UK attached to their closest UK port. Click on port location below to reveal the tips and films. You can even use a button above the posts to refine your search. Click Jean to see just Jean’s blogs, click Tours just to see the filmed tours at a destination. If you have a great film or a tour or a destination, tell us, we will include it. Become one of our presenters. This site is always expanding and evolving to make it easier and more resourceful to use. Your comments are always welcome.

ENGLAND – Southampton, London Tilbury, London Tower Bridge, London Greenwich, Felixstowe, Newcastle, Liverpool, Birmingham and more – the Isle of Wight is a Southampton excursion! From Bristol we include Bath. We look forward to you helping us fill this section.

Scotland – a huge land mass of wonderful locations, from Edinburgh, Dundeen and Aberdeen up to the Orkneys and Shetland and including the Isle of Skye, Glasgow and so much more it makes you want to cruise the British Isles. Two young boys inspired us to shoot Edinburgh and helped us, we look forward to you helping us cover Scotland.

Ireland – we group as one land mass, the way it was placed on the planet. This wonderful place is so diverse, from the fantastic Galway which we first visited when filming an episode of Dennis Waterman’s Stay Lucky, to Dublin where we shot the Mrs Brown’s Boys’ movie. Up to Belfast, round to Cork. We are looking forward to you helping us fill this great section with your films

The Channel Islands, full of so much history, where some of our team spent years filming Bergerac and found the funding for our Status Quo movie, Bula Quo, listed where it was shot, under Fiji in the Pacific Ocean.